How to Remove Wax from Laminate Floors

How to Remove Wax from Laminate

Fixing the look in your kitchen? Can’t remove shiny wax off your floors? Start with one cup vinegar and one quart warm water, do not over wet the surface. Damp a white cloth and only rub off one way as the laminate encounters your design. If this does not work try a little of rubbing alcohol in a small corner with a white cloth. Do not over soak the area. If this does not remove the wax off your floors, try Acetone, again, do not over soak, and keep a white cotton cloth preferable an old towel. Laminate are not supposed to be waxed or polished. Find the right cleaner without residue like Bruce at Home Depot stores or at your laminate flooring retail store. . The job is meticulous but your floors will look like they were just installed. In the beginning you must take your time and wait one or two days before you try a new product on your floors. Remember that over soaking your laminate floors can result in warped and damaged laminate.

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