Removal of Lead Patch


Removal of  Lead Patch.This particular painting was in the family for over 47 years.  This portrait video will show you the process used to remove additional linen to preserve art that at one point was damaged. When this piece was restored, restorers used lining and patches to preserve the art. The patch in this painting was added with linen and lead mixing, making it very difficult to remove. I gently removed the patch keeping an eye on the front of the face.  I was keeping the painting safe by watching each cleaning carefully from the back and the front.  Not only lead patches are hard to remove, but it takes expertise in the removal of the excess material with medical knifes and wet sandpapers if it is possible to remove it.  Patience is a must and turning the painting over to keep close eye of the face of the art piece.   If you use too much force, you can easily go through the painting and damage it even more. This unique video will show you the detail handling of the aged canvas You can go to my channel at Brush Strokes Fine Art LLC in YouTube, or you can go to This article was written in 2014 and published in Art World News Magazine. (for more videos).   You can find more about Go to Springfield Virginia for exact location