I bought my first painting from Anabela 10 years ago. Since then I have purchased quite a few more! I love the way Anabela captures nature and all its beauty. Recently, a coworker needed some photo restoration done. Although I had not yet used Anabela myself for photo restoration, I was confident in her ability and I recommended her. She did an amazing job restoring and editing 50 year old wedding photos, and her price was very reasonable. I then needed some photo restoration done myself. Anabela was able to produce exactly what I wanted. She worked with me until I was completely satisfied with the finished product. Kind, professional and very talented!









Many years ago, I bought a painting in Africa.  The cost of the painting wasn’t very much, it wasn’t about the cost.  The money went to help a family.  The painting became a memento from that country and had sentimental value to me.
The painting had some flaws, smudges, it needed to be re-stretched and the frame needed to be repaired.
I was in no hurry, but I knew one day I would find someone that did art restoration.
I gave the painting to Anabela Ferguson, who owns and operates Brush Strokes Fine Art LLC.  My painting was in good hands.  She did an excellent job in cleaning and restoring the painting to its original, beautiful appearance.
I would recommend Brush Strokes Fine Art LLC to anyone who is in need of fine art restoration.  She is knowledgeable, professional and cares about you and your art.


I am taking beginner watercolor classes from Anabela. When I came upon this scene I really didn’t want to paint it even though I loved it. Things like the algae on the pond, the reflections in the water and the pine trees were intimidating. But I had worked at similar problems in Anabela’s studio and she always tells me to push myself, so I did. I see the mistakes but I can’t wait to work on some more tough problems! JP.

Rio Atrium

Gaithersburg MD

Anabela’s Showcase


As I was walking through a busy area amid restaurants, a movie theatre and retail shops I came across Anabela’s Fine Art display. Although I was in a hurry I couldn’t help but stop and take a look at her vast array paintings. I was taken aback by how she draws from various styles, how she uses color and texture to define the relationship between light and shadow in her paintings. I was struck by how she sees landscapes, especially how she makes trees dance around themes of reflection. The trees in one particular painting kept tugging at me until I made the painting mine. I’m very happy to say that this beautiful painting hangs prominently on my wall. Thank you, Anabela for creating images that speak to the soul, and for sharing your passion for art with me. G.M. 2016


 “Another Thought”


California May 2015

“I am impressed with the wide range of Anabela Ferguson’s artistic talents. She combines her knowledge, artistic skill, enthusiasm, and love for art in her restoration of paintings and photos, custom picture framing, art classes and the beautiful artwork she creates.  Her artistic ability is easily seen in her paintings of landscapes, portraits, florals and abstracts, which are painted in various mediums, including oils, acrylics, watercolors and pastel. 

Anabela is dedicated to learning the best methods and techniques for the services she provides.  Her on-line videos show the care and patience she uses in her painting restoration to return artwork to its original appearance for her clients to enjoy.”

–C.L., California









UPS Delivering Anabela Ferguson’s Watercolors.  

June 2014


“We love our new beach scene painting from Anabela!! It is a beautiful addition to our home!! We look at it and dream of being at the beach!! Thanks Anabela, you are a wonderful artist!! So glad to have another one of your paintings to make our home beautiful!!”



“Oil Cleaning on Pegboard 1931 Oil”


I had a painting done by a Great Aunt in l931 that was so black with soot and dirt from coal burning stoves that were used back then. I was amazed when I picked up my painting and saw the beautiful true colors of the sky and water in the painting. These areas were brown and black before Anabela cleaned my painting. She takes loving care of paintings left in her care. Mine was in terrible condition. She uses the best products available to do the best job. Anabela even saved the back paper for me where my Aunt had written some notes. I love that she did that. She takes a lot of pride in her work and I will recommend her work to all my friends and neighbors. I am so thankful that I saw Anabela’s advertisement and work at Huntsman Square. Thank you Anabela for all that you do. ngp



“I met Anabela during a show at Huntsman. Her passion for art and her eye and ability to capture life and translate it onto a given medium was immediately apparent. For my portrait request she recommended a pastel in lieu of oil or watercolor. I placed my confidence in her expertise and she did not disappoint. My wife was extremely happy to have a wonderful portrait of our childen as her Mother’s Day gift.” 5/2013. Collector from Springfield VA.


Anabela restored and reframed with new frames two paintings, one done in 1945 and the other in 1976. Her restoring work brought both paintings alive and more beautiful than before. The frames were perfect for the subjects and time of both paintings. As I recall, she completed the work sooner than she had estimated and it was for sure done in a timely and professional manner. Overall, it was a professional, honest and therefore and excellent experience. The smaller of the paintings was of a little girl holding a rag doll and Anabela’s desire to keep the simplicity with a lovely wooden frame was representative of the time period and the subject in the painting. The second painting was the same subject thirty-one years later. As expected the woman in the painting was older and wiser and much more sophisticated and the frame perfectly matched the change. I will certainly choose Anabela to do more framing for me because she is a professional artist, she is talented and skillful in her fields, she asks questions about the paintings and what I want to see in the painting after the new frame. She has an inner sense of beauty and truth of the pieces of art. Exceptional work.



My 83 year old father was so excited when I surprised him with professionally having framed the wedding picture of my mom and dad. Dad had been wanting that picture framed in gold so he could have it hung on the wall in his new apartment in the assisted living place. He could not explain to me exactly how he wanted it framed but knew I would know what to do. The only one I could think of who would handle this precious gift I wanted to present dad on Fathers Day was Anabela Ferguson. All I said was I needed it framed in gold. My dad is a perfectionist and knew that anything I had done would not be what he wanted. Anabela had it ready for me to pickup, the following day. I didn’t want to see it until I gave to dad. As u can see in the picture, my dad could not stop looking at the picture frame and he cried saying this is exactly how he wanted it. I want to thank Anabela for listening to her heart and making my dad feel that joy again as he stares at the beautifully framed picture of my mom and dad. Thank u Anabela. Sandie Stasiak







Anabela is a absolute pleasure to work with. I had looked at many art galleries for a painting of the DC cherry blossoms in bloom. The price of these paintings at the galleries was way way more than I could pay. We had purchased two other paintings from Anabela at a festival that she had a booth at back in 2009. So I emailed her on a Thursday evening and told her what I was looking for. I wanted a painting of the cherry blossoms around the Tidal Basin, but without any of the monuments, and maybe a park bench. On Friday afternoon I got an email with a picture of the painting, just as I had described, that she had started for me! It looked beautiful, my only addition was for her to add more of the pink color to the trees. By Friday evening she had completed the painting and sent me another email of the painting. It was perfect!!! She had it ready for me to pickup on Monday morning!! Framed in a beautiful frame too!!! I went up to her gallery to see the painting in person and was even more impressed!! I took the painting home and is now displayed in our home. While I was at her gallery I saw another smaller painting that my husband had seen before, that he liked. I decided to purchase that painting too. Anabela treated me to a coffee at Starbucks, and I was on my way home with the paintings. Anabela is a wonderful person and a extremely talented artist. If you have an idea for a painting please consider contacting her. Also, she always has a beautiful selection of already completed artwork for you to browse through. I can’t say enough about how wonderful she is!!! Love ya, Lynn and Brett Scott




Anabela We love our new painting! Photo of it hanging in our living room. We are very pleased with it, it makes a great focal point and gives the room some character. We are looking again and again at all the little details you put in. The colors are great and the scene is serene. From RS and JS




From EM,


It is hard to put into words when someone takes your feelings of serenity and peace and paints it on canvas! I was looking for a piece of artwork that would bring in the outdoors that I see through my back windows and yet did not want it to be overwhelming. Anabela listened and as we talked I told her about my love of Burke Lake and the scene I see every day going to work. The view of mist coming up from the lake, the beautiful colors of the sky and the beauty of the trees losing their leaves has always given me such a sense of peace and I wanted that scene in my home. Anabela took time out of her mornings to come out and take pictures around 6:00 AM to capture the colors and create such a stunning painting. I was quite shocked at its beauty and the intensity of colors. It truly is a masterpiece. She also added geese flying in which represent my immediate family. I love it! I sit in my family room and just stare at the intricacy of the painting. The strokes are beautifully done. It will be a piece that will be handed down from generation to generation. Did I mention that she created three pieces of the painting in which you can stand in different areas of the room and the painting still connects?? Wow! What a blessing to have such a gift as this, Anabela!


OCTOBER 2011 Dave Elwing Pentagon Ducks Unlimited Fundraising


“Anabela has repeatedly donated to the Pentagon Chapter of Ducks Unlimited’s Annual Fund Raising Banquet since 2007. Her artwork is refreshingly appealing and offers a different selection to our attendees. Her art generally appeals to the ladies in our crowd. Her appreciation for nature is evident in the artwork which she donates, and as it turns out, the objects of her artwork are sustained by the funds we raise for the restoration, preservation and conservation of our Nation’s wetlands. Anabela is a wonderful artist and we gratefully appreciate her continued support.” Service Category: Artist / Charity Donor Year first hired: 2007 (hired more than once) Top Qualities: Personable, High Integrity, Creative


SEPTEMBER 2011 Bette Ridgeway Studios

“When I was writing my book on marketing for artists, I immediately thought of Anabela! Having developed such a dynamic style of marketing for herself, I asked her if she would write something about showing in “alternative” art spaces. She responded and produced some great information that has helped many artists! I am indebted to Anabela as a friend and colleague. “Talent is Just the Beginning – an Artist’s Guide to Marketing in the 21st Century” was published in 2009 and I updated it in March of 2011.

MAY 2011

Newest Acrylic on Canvas with it’s new Owner

APRIL 2011 ” Indeed I enjoyed reviewing your art works, your collection were extremely attractive and impressive. Your charming personality reflects waves of love throughout your artistic creations. Magnificent job. ” From Behrouz Sarabi


From Linda “I thought that I would drop a line to tell you how much I have enjoyed watching your styles develop and expand. As you know, I have your art throughout my house (and pieces to switch for the seasons) , but I still see a piece at every show that I would like to own. It is always a pleasure to visit your gallery where I can browse through your new pieces and visit with the artist who has found a place in my heart and our home!”


Customer Comments 2010


From Francoise “Love it! We moved to PA but I am so glad I have two paintings of yours! Your work is beautiful. Need a bigger house though!”


From Ann Yes,we did so enjoy listening to the Orchestra from Lee High School and your always nice Gallery Event in your home Sunday. You do fabulous work Anabela and we treasure your friendship.


From Gale S. Maryland

I don’t know if I told you, we have your flower painting/s hanging in our living room over the couch. It is the first thing people see as they come into our home. I have gotten so many compliments about it and how unusual the framing is that I can’t tell you about them all– but I have told everyone who has asked where I got them. I am glad to have a website to point them to. I am still amazed at how beautiful the 2 paintings of the kids are. I was just looking at them together on my computer. They are similar but completely different just like my children. I already know where I will hang them. I can’t wait! -Gale