2013 Photograph of artist.

Anabela Springfield Virginia


Anabela was born and raised in Santiago, Chile where her grandfather and grandmother were nationally renowned artists. Her grandfather studied abroad on an art scholarship in Europe and her grandmother was active in the Berlin, Germany art culture, honing her skills after arriving in Chile. From the age 6 to 8, Anabela studied guitar for the first time in her hometown of Santiago, Chile. After developing her skill, she studied music theory and classical guitar for 5 years at Escuela Moderna De Musica Conservatory, one of the most well-known conservatories in Santiago. Anabela is a third-generation impressionist artist, having grown up surrounded by art. She had a unique opportunity to enjoy painting all her life, being able to take part in her grandparents’ exhibitions.

In 1979, Anabela immigrated to the United States to live in Northern Virginia. Anabela’s creativity gave rise, originally, to abstract acrylics that she painted as a hobby. Her curiosity with other styles and mediums, as well as a love for the masters of impressionism, prompted Anabela to experiment with varying approaches and subjects in her art. Her versatility is displayed in the variety of her work. Whether it is flowers in watercolor, still life in acrylic, or landscapes in oil, Anabela changes mood, style, and medium to fit the situation.

Anabela served on the advisory committee of the Vienna Arts Society in Vienna,Virginia, and is also represented at Georgetown Art Gallery in D.C., and Applegate Gallery in Vienna, VA. She has studied with some of the area’s more prominent artists as well as attended conferences and workshops on painting through the Vienna and other art societies. 

In addition to her original works of art, Anabela is a highly capable framer. Her professional approach to framing has endeared her to local artists desiring a more “finished” appearance to their works. Art buyers have come to appreciate her skill and affordability in framing. Her skill in cleaning and conservation of weathered oil, acrylic, watercolor or art on paper paintings has become a valued commodity as well as her ability to create compositions in murals. Anabela is also a very talented teacher of art. She offers individual instruction to students of all ages and skill levels. Her ability to encourage, motivate and advise through the learning process of one-on-one painting and framing gives one the motivation and confidence to continue painting endeavors well after completing her classes.


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