Specializing in Art Cleaning



(Always practice in old paintings that have no value or emotional attachment to you or your loved ones)

The world of art cleaning and restoration is a fascinating combination of art and science. Special care is required when treating old varnish or shellac that is sometimes stubborn in aged oil paintings. When the painting is cleaned, I use varnish remover in a corner of the painting and under the frame with a cotton swab. Always using a retarding solvent to stop the removal of paint while cleaning the oil painting. Keep an eye on the cotton tip and change the cotton as soon as it becomes dirty. Be careful not to drop dirty cotton into a clean solution. Once the process of cleaning the oil with chemicals is finished, allow it to dry completely before starting the next phase of the restoration. For those of you that are interested in doing it yourself, if you have never tried practicing on oil paintings before, I would highly recommend to stasrt by going to an antique shop or thrift store to start.  Never clean pieces that could have high value or have an emotional attachment to your estate. For more information go to my website www.Anabela-artist.com/artrestorations/

Cleaning of Oil 2014

2015 winning award