I am taking beginner watercolor classes from Anabela. When I came upon this scene I really didn’t want to paint it even though I loved it. Things like the algae on the pond, the reflections in the water and the pine trees were intimidating. But I had worked at similar problems in Anabela’s studio and she always tells me to push myself, so I did. I see the mistakes but I can’t wait to work on some more tough problems! JP.

Adult Art Classes

How To Custom Frame Your Art

If you are interested in learning how to frame your own art work with the same quality and precision that is offered at Brush Strokes, I will be holding a class on how to frame your own pieces. Along with learning the art of combining the best mats and frames to make your pieces stand out, you will also learn how to mount pieces, cut glass and matting, and assembling everything together in a fine display of excellence that will brighten up your work. As well as learning how to frame your own work, I will be providing discounted framing materials to make your class more affordable. For anyone looking for more information

Contact me at 571-594-3717.


How To Paint With Confidence

Classes will be held to interested students looking for a continuous and intense art classes. They are held one on one between the student and instructor for periods of 2 1/2 hours per class, sometimes even longer. Students will learn to relax and create beautiful works of art in various mediums, including Watercolors, Acrylics, Oils, and Oil Pastels, while learning new techniques and styles. For more information please contact me at 571-594-3717. Note that classes will only be available during the Spring and Fall.