Anabela’s Gallery/Watercolor & Oil Classes


Serving Virginia, Maryland and Washington DC.

Anabela offers individual (one on one) art instructions to students of adult ages and skill levels. Classes are intense but truly enjoyable. Her ability to motivate and advise through the learning process gives one confidence to continually pursue painting endeavors well after completing her classes. If you are an oil painter and would like some additional instruction for amazing watercolor paintings, landscapes, portraits, etc.. Anabela takes great joy in helping you custom frame your favorite pieces at cost. (only for students).  She will also introduce you to her connections in the framing industring for your future custom framing goals.

Best time to plan and execute those goals and take out your brushes and palette knifes.  Classes are now offered in your own home. One on one lesson are now available in the spring months and summer time. Flexible schedule during day hours.  Referrals available.

Anabela will help you set up your your own work space in your home.

You will learn many creative ways to paint, and sketch.

The different values within primary and secondary colors.

Creative new styles in the chosen medium.

How to relate to a composition and perspective.

Work on your own time, and then in class.

Learn how to group your paintings in a show or exhibit.

If you are interested in hearing more about it, contact her

Check out the different styles, and mediums I personally use, and take a few minutes to check out the services Anabela  provides in museum custom framing.